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Investment realization – TEST

We realize wind farms as a general contractor or supervise the construction process. Project managers and designers are involved in the realisation process, and are responsible for the development of both construction and detailed designs, including connections to the grid.

Vortex Energy’s long-standing presence on the Polish RES market has enabled us to establish established relationships with subcontractors, suppliers and all national grid operators.

Scope of services provided at the project realization stage

  • Comprehensive development of construction projects, including technical designs of all branches, as well as detailed designs of wind farms – along with grid connection.
  • Preparation and organization of construction from the formal and legal point of view at all stages of implementation until commissioning of the facility.
  • Comprehensive construction of the installation as a general contractor carried out with full construction supervision.
  • Complete supervision over the stage of wind power plant construction when Vortex Energy is not a general contractor.
  • Execution of procedures connected with the first start-up and putting the power plant into operation.