Zrealizowany projekt


Vortex Energy Polska - Budowa, rozwój i zarządzanie parkami wiatrowymi

Vortex energy purchased the partly developed project, led to the stage of readiness for construction, has obtained a building permit, raised financing and comprehensively implemented.

Two wind turbines of type GE 2. 5/120 are located in the vicinity of the FW Jóźwin wind farm in Kazimierz Biskupi County. The commissioning of the Park took place in December 2015.

A third turbine of type GE 2. 75/110 located in Stefanowo will be erected in the second phase. The commissioning of the new installation will occur by the end of June 2016.

Location: Poland, Wielkopolskie province, Kazimierz Biskupi municipality, in the vicinity of FW Jóźwin
Date of putting into service: 12/2015 r. (1st phase - 2 EW), 06/2016 (2nd phase - 1 EW)
Total installed power: 7,75 MW
Number of turbines: 2 x 2.5 MW + 1 x 2.75 MW
Turbine manufacturer: GE
Additional information:

Vortex Energy purchased a partially developed project, developed it to a ready-to-build stage, obtained a building permit, obtained financing, and completed the construction.