Zrealizowany projekt


Vortex Energy Polska - Park wiatrowy Burbach

In the Burbach project new ground was being broken in two ways. On the one hand a new technological step forward was taken with the selection of the type of wind turbine: the wind turbine of the type Fuhrländer FL 2,500/100 with a rotor diameter of 100 m. On the other hand we erected the wind turbines in the middle of a forest near Burbach in the Siegerland region. Forest areas have to date offered hardly any used potential in GERMANY. By means of high hub heights it is possible to avoid problems with turbulence. Only a few project developers have experience with construction in a forest, however. The challenges are not negligible: extensive negotiations with owners of forest areas and the forestry authority, creative problem-solving approaches when it comes to transport, new requirements regarding transport routes and not least the adjacent quarry. All this failed to prevent us from successfully erecting two wind turbines, 2.5 MW each. These have been supplying environmentally friendly electricity to more than 3,000 average households since 2009.

Location: Germany, Siegen-Wittgenstein
Date of putting into service: 2009
Total installed power: 5 MW
Number of turbines: 2 x 2.5
Turbine manufacturer: Fuhrländer
Additional information:

We raised wind power plants in the middle of the forest, near quarries. We avoided turbulence problems by using high turbine hubs.