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Park solarny Ostrowice

In the solar farm a total of 108 photovoltaic panels and two inverters are installed. The farm is connected to the low voltage grid in Ostrowice in the Drawsko district. The solar farm was commissioned on 30.04.2014. The project was financed completely by vortex energy Polska Sp. z o.o. The photovoltaic farm ES Ostrowice is a trial installation which is used by Vortex Energy Polska for its own needs.

Location: Zachodniopomorskie Province
Date of putting into service: 30.04.2014
Total installed power: 24 kW
Estimated annual production:
Technical infrastructure: 108 photovoltaic panels, 2 inverters
Additional information:

The power plant is an experimental facility used for testing of technological solutions; first photovoltaic power plant built in Zachodniopomorskie province.