Completed projects


Park solarny Dębica

In the end of June 2019, solar park located in the Rymań municipality of the West Pomeranian province received a licence for the production of renewable energy.

Vortex Energy Polska Ltd. was responsible for the planning, development and implementation phase of the investment. We also prepared the project to participate in the sale of electricity auction held by the Energy Regulatory Office and realized Dębica solar park.

The steel constructions consisted of 3 435 photovoltaic panels and 17 inverters mounted in a distributed inverter design.

The total installed capacity of the park is of 0.962 MW.
Estimated anual energy production is of about 990 MWh.

Vortex Energy Polska Ltd. oversees the power plant with its own technical management.

The team responsible for energy sales on the power market is Vortex Energy – Obrót, which provides services such as access to the exchange and balancing market, forecasting production volume and commercial balancing. Thanks to the good cooperation between the sister companies Vortex Energy Polska and Vortex Energy – Obrót, the process of establishing a Responsible Entity for the Balancing and Energy Selling for own operator purposes has been efficiently carried out.

The project received funding under the Regional Operational Programme of the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship from the European Regional Development Fund.

Location: Zachodniopomorskie province, Rymań municipality
Date of putting into service: 06/2019
Total installed power: 0,962 MW
Estimated annual production: 990 MWh
Technical infrastructure: 3435 photovoltaic panels, 17 inverters
Additional information:

We planned, developed, prepared the project for the ERA auction for the sale of energy from RES, we obtained funding from EU funds and we developed the project. We took over the power plant’s own technical management. Vortex Energy – Obrót is responsible for the sale of energy produced on the wholesale market.
The project received funding from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Regional Operational Programme of the Zachodniopomorskie province