Vortex Energy is expanding its portfolio of wind power plants in Poland.

Currently, Vortex Energy is working at full speed to build a total of 11 installations with a total capacity of 30.3 MW in the centre of Poland by the end of the year and connect them to the grid. The activities are carried out on two projects “Jóźwin” and “Nieświastów”. Work on the “Jóźwin” power plant, carried out in cooperation with Max Bögl, is now in its final stages. The farm is located in the municipalities of Kleczew (8 turbines of GE2.85 type) and Ślesin (1 turbine of GE2.5 type), which are close to the area of current activities related to the “Nieświastów” project – Kazimierz Biskupi municipality. Vortex Energy, thanks to the fruitful work of the whole team, will erect two GE2.5 turbines with a 120 m diameter turbines within the “Nieświastów” project.

“The unique challenge in the development of this small power plant was to find a bank ready to support such a small investment under current market conditions. After the failure of the first financing procedure we were grateful that BOŚ Bank – with strong support from BOŚ Eko Profit – decided to enter our project at such a late stage and under great time pressure. With this, the joint process was successfully completed”, explains Dr. Till Jeske, CEO of Vortex Energy Holding AG.

A small wind farm will be connected to 110kV Jóźwin station, built by Vortex Energy on behalf of Future Energy Sp. z o.o. Together with the Energa Operator, Vortex endeavours to have all installations connected by the end of 2015. Once the wind farm is operational, Vortex Energy will operate and commercially manage the park and as a licensed balancing and electricity trading company, including the sale of electricity for the wind farms’ own use. This will enable the installed capacity of the wind farms built by Vortex Energy to increase to over 340 MW. The over 990 GWh of green electricity generated will supply 300,000 households each year and it will relieve the environment by 525,038 tonnes of CO2.