Vortex Energy Group in Belgium

In mid-2017, Vortex Energy Group opened another branch in Brussels. Like the German and Polish teams, Vortex Energy Belgique develops, plans, obtains financing and implements wind energy projects.

Already in April 2018, the Vortex Belgique team had its first success: the development of the Olen wind farm in Flanders. It also has construction of 3 wind turbines with a total capacity of 6 MW scheduled to start.

Meanwhile, the number of projects at an earlier stage of development is constantly growing. In Meix-devant-Virton, lease agreements have already been signed with property owners. In Wallonia, the next step is environmental assessment. Also in other areas, land for future projects is being secured.

Vortex Energy Belgique is a motivated team with ambitious goals, not only in terms of energy transformation but also in terms of social change in Belgium. “Our mission is to develop renewable energy in a sustainable and socially responsible way. Our aim is to bring together politicians, landowners, local authorities, civil initiatives, stakeholders, NGOs, etc. to promote specific wind energy projects in Belgium”, explains Managing Director, Pieter Joseph.