Vortex Energy and Max Bögl are jointly building a 25MW wind park in Poland

The Jóźwin Wind Park, consisting of nine GE wind farms with a total capacity of 25.3 MW, is located in the heart of Poland, and the renewable energy generated there will allow to provide power to nearly 20,000 households. The commissioning of the wind turbines is scheduled for the end of 2015, while the annual production of energy generated from wind power is expected to be 66 GWh, which will allow to avoid 22,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere compared to energy generated from conventional sources.

The wind park will be developed in cooperation with Vortex Energy and Max Bögl International SE, with headquarters in the Bavarian city of Sengenthal. Adam Pantkowski, responsible for projects developed by Vortex Energy at the Polish market, describes the cooperation with Max Bögl with the following words: “We are pleased with the fruitful cooperation. The wind park in Jóźwina is another important step in the development of our company in the wind industry”. Financing of the investment in the amount of PLN 112 million was provided by Alior Bank.

Jóźwin Wind Park stretches across two municipalities – Kleczew, where 8 GE2.85 power plants will be built, and Ślesin municipality, where 1 GE2.5 power plant is located. The first stage of construction including access roads and foundations has already been completed. The assembly of the turbines is currently underway and is planned to be completed by the end of September this year. Vortex Energy will also construct a 15kV/110 kV transformer station, through which the wind park will be connected to the 110 kV high voltage grid. The deadline for the supply of energy to the grid, agreed with Energa Operator, is the end of 2015.

On the one hand, the site of the former mine is particularly attractive due to its wind potential, while on the other hand, the difficult soil conditions there were quite a challenge for the engineers. However, the appropriate reinforcement of the excavation bottom ensured that the foundations were stable on time.

After the purchase of the project, the Vortex Energy team developed it to the ready-to-build stage and then, as a general contractor, took over the comprehensive construction including the electrical infrastructure. Once the turbines are commissioned, Vortex Energy will also carry out technical and commercial management of the park. The Jóźwin project is also the first wind park where Vortex Energy will be able to apply its new activities: renewable energy trading and balancing.

Dr. Till Jeske, CEO of the Vortex Energy group, assesses the development prospects on the Polish market in the following way: “Poland has exceptional wind potential and, thanks to favourable forms of support, it was already an attractive place for wind energy investments earlier. As an active player on the Polish market since 2006, we have seen a colossal increase in wind energy efficiency in the country. Since the beginning of our activity it has increased more than twenty times. We assume that within the next five years the supply of renewable energy in Poland will reach over 10 gigawatts”.