Construction of a wind farm in Kraśnik Koszaliński completed

ES Jutrzenka 2 Sp. z o.o., owned by Vortex Energy capital group, has raised a photovoltaic farm with a total installed capacity of 0.99 MW.

The farm is located in Zachodniopomorskie province, in Kraśnik Koszaliński, about 15 km south-west of Koszalin.

The project was supported by a grant from the European Union as part of the Regional Operational Programme of the Zachodniopomorskie province for 2014-2020, and in December 2016 it won an auction for the sale of electricity organized by the Energy Regulatory Authority.

In April 2018, the farm produced and delivered the first kilowatt hour of electricity to the grid.

3960 photovoltaic panels, 250 Wp each, were installed on steel structures. The panels are operated by 55 inverters mounted in a distributed system. The estimated annual production forecast is about 964 MWh.

With a capacity of 0.99 MW, the farm is able to provide electricity to around 450 households and save almost 600 tonnes of CO2 each year, contributing significantly to improving air quality.