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As a pioneer on the Polish renewable energy market, Vortex Energy successfully develops, realizes wind and photovoltaic investments and provides technical management for commissioned pv farms and wind parks across the country. For more than 19 years, the Group has completed renewable energy projects in Poland and Germany with a total capacity of more than 448 MW, of which around 346 MW in Poland.

Our offer includes the development of wind and photovoltaic projects – which includes planning of the park, obtaining titles to land and securing them with lease agreements, conducting administrative proceedings to obtain the necessary administrative decisions, as well as their implementation, i.e. carrying out the construction process and obtaining all decisions and permits necessary to operate a win

Moreover, we provide O&M services for all RES installations.

Our strength lies in comprehensive technical, economic, financial and legal due diligence. We are a competent partner on the Polish wind and solar energy market.

Since 2023 we are part of Vitol Group – a world leader in energy, serving the world’s energy markets for over 55 years all over the world.

Vortex Energy intends to strengthen its position by expanding its portfolio of ongoing projects and including more of them in technical management. The Group intends to commercialize its portfolio in accordance with its current business model.