vortex energy donates 5,000 euro to the Naundorf church to restore its chime system

vortex energy donates 5,000 euro to the Naundorf church to restore its chime system

Naundorf. The CEO of vortex energy Deutschland GmbH, Philipp Jeske, presented a donation of 5,000 euro to Seyda’s pastor Thomas Meinhof, who is also responsible for the church congregation in Naundorf. The head of the company’s sales force, Bernd Brinkmann, was also on location for the presentation of the donations on September 21 at the church, which is over 650 years old.


Conversion to electrical operation

The donation has already been made to the town and will serve to renew the old chimes system. The money will be used to convert to an electrical system. That brings tremendous relief to the members of the congregation, as Meinhof explained. The ringing of the chimes is a very old tradition in the community, and should be preserved. This renovation is very meaningful and helpful, as explained by the pastor. “The bells of old” are currently manually operated by dedicated members of the community. As the pastor said, the community’s interest in the small church in Naundorf is great, as seen during previous renovation work. The church-goers themselves polished the benches, painted and much more, as Meinhof explained enthusiastically.


Symbolic gesture

On presenting the donation, Philipp Jeske and Bernd Brinkmann also expressed their interest in a transparent relationship with the community. Member of the church board Iris Dombrowitzki and CEO Philipp Jeske had met at the Zahna-Elster town fair in Gadegast at the vortex energy GmbH information booth and agreed on this unique event to celebrate the previously agreed on financial support for the church in Naundorf. The two had met at an owners meeting in 2012 for the Gadegast wind farm, which was in planning at that time and is now in the approval phase. vortex energy GmbH implements and operates wind farms in Germany and Poland. (mz/mm)

Presentation of the donation in Naundorf: 5,000 euro for the renewal of the chime system | Jessen – Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (MZ) – read the MZ article online here (in German):

The pastor of the town of Seyda, Thomas Meinhof, has reason to rejoice: he received a donation of 5,000 euro from the CEO of vortex energy Deutschland GmbH on Monday to renovate the old church’s chime system.